Good Afternoon … hey!  It’s Friday!

Now I did mention in yesterday’s Timeless post that I had another card idea for the Global Design Project Sketch Challenge and I’ve finally got it onto cardstock.   Here’s the sketch in case you missed yesterday’s post ….

Now if you did miss yesterday’s post I think you should click here to have a look as it’s a neat coffee card and one I think you shouldnt miss 

Now …. I didnt want the Tea drinkers to raise cups against me so thought I’d turn this into a Tea themed card …


I am doing a party tonight and most of the ladies going prefer tea over coffee so they’ll get to make this sweet card as one of the make and take projects. Maybe you’d like to make this at your party?  Let me know and we’ll arrange a date!

Now I must be away as I still have the kits to cut for tonight and the totes to pack and the day is disappearing at a fast rate of knots!

Thanks for stopping by and see you latte ..