Latte Rewards

I’m so grateful for those who shop with me and help me pay my bills. Every little order helps and as a way of saying “thank you” to you for your support I’ve started my very own rewards program Latte Rewards!

I’ve had other rewards programs but think this new one is by far the easiest and fairest for all.  You no longer need to collect stamps and work out how much to spend to earn a stamp or how many stamps you need to earn some free products.

Here’s how the Latte Rewards Vouchers will work …. 

  • You place your orders as you normally would – online or by contacting me.
  • At the beginning of every month I will tally your orders from my reports.  You will then be sent a voucher for 10% of the previous month’s orders. So say you spent $125 last month – you’ll then receive a voucher for $12.50 to be used this month.
  • You can use your voucher on class fees or products.
  • You can place an order for the amount of your voucher only however you’ll still need to pay postage.
  • Vouchers are only good for one month being the month after your orders are placed.
  • You will not earn rewards on the portion of an order that a voucher is used for.  For example,  You’ve got your $12.50 voucher to use this month and you place an order of $70 so you pay $57.50 plus postage on that order. You will earn rewards on the $57.50 not the $70

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me

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Hostess Code ~ JKNJ7WZZ

Why use the Hostess Code?  by using the Hostess Code when shopping online helps me give you extra freebies. Everyone who uses the code will receive a free gift – Just another way I can give you something back!